from by misantropic



The ship is taking water but no one seems to know
the passengers are busy, they´re all singing in a row
they feast on flesh and carcasses they’re drunk on blood and wine
there is cracks across the hull now, and a raising waterline
Ignorance is bliss, but that won’t change the facts
And as the ship goes down below, the band keeps playing on
and everyone is dancing, as they one by one gets drowned
and as the dollar sign on the headsail disappears beneath the waves
millions of passengers’ falls down to their graves
Ignorance is bliss, but that won’t change the facts
You´re going down
As the hull is torn from wave's crushing grip
like a pack of rats people abandon ship
sinking down into the black abyss
water filled lungs blow one final kiss
good bye


from split lp, released July 31, 2014



all rights reserved


misantropic Umeå, Sweden

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